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April 19, 2012
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Russia X Reader: Love Spelled Backwards

You where walking into the tutoring center as you always did around 1:30 on a Thursday, and was greeted by the sounds of many other students around your age, some a little younger and some older, learning math, science, history, and anything else the tutoring center could help with. You set your bags down behind the main desk and placed your purse into a locker clicking the lock shut before turning around to Alfred, another student worker.

  "No Science help today?"

Alfred Spun around in the chair greeting you with a smile and then frowning.

  "Nope it's all math and it seems that Honda-san has that all covered for today."

Honda Kiku was the Japanese man who would help out from time to time and other times he would come to you for help with English, but the guy was a math wiz. You could ask him to do any kind of crazy calculation and he would do it all in his head, tell you how to make the calculation shorter, and then even build something using the calculations if something could be built from it, and make the built thing in a miniature form. Honda-san, as you all affectionately called him, liked things chibi sized as he would say.

  "Well then, would you like to help me with the ESOL students today?"

Alfred spun the chair back around sinking into it and pulled out a PSP from his coat.

  "Nah, Prof. Arthur is in there."

Professor Arthur Kirkland was one of the leading English professors for the college, and Alfred older brother, or maybe his father, you weren't sure because Professor Kirkland didn't look to be that old, and Alfred always talked about him and fought with him like he was a brother, but Professor Kirkland always treated Alfred like his son.

  "Well then I guess I will have to put on my Bri'ish accent and speak the Queens English."

Alfred laughed and waved to you as you walked into the ESOL room. Once inside you found a very frazzled looking Professor Kirkland and a very smiley Russian man looking up at him. You laughed to yourself, Arthur didn't really like Ivan Braginski, but you on the other hand he was your favorite student, there was just something about his blond white hair, and those violet eyes that always pulled you in, and made you want to wrap him up in a hug whenever you saw him, which had turned into a small crush over the past two semesters, so you weren't too sure if you just wanted to hug him anymore, or kiss him as well. You hid your blush from the Professor quickly and then cleared your throat to let him know you where there.

  "Ah, Ms.____________, I'm glad to see you're here. Now would you kindly please take care of helping Ivan over there with his English while I go and prepare for my class?"
"Sure thing Professor."

And with that Professor Kirkland was quickly out of the room, and now conversing loudly with Alfred about the bloody brute that irritated the bloody hell out of him in the room over there. In other words he was telling Alfred about Ivan, and Ivan was beaming that he could bug the Professor that much. You just laughed and shook your head while walking over to be next to the Russian.

  "Now what have I told you about getting Professor Kirkland so frustrated?"

Ivan Just smiled at you.

  "What did you do this time?"

Ivan pointed to a picture he had drawn that was sitting on the desk in front of him, it was a lovely picture if you could just look at the sun flowers and ignore the fact that there was Ivan holding a Rusty and blood splattered faucet pipe, and Professor Kirkland and the ground begging for mercy. This freaked you out a little, but this was Ivan's form of humor. You remember the first few times he did something like this you had called the psychiatric center on campus to come help you out, but they told you not to worry that he only did things like that to people like Professor Kirkland and that you would be ok, though you where granted the right to carry around a siring filled with 2 cc's of Thorazine just in case Ivan tried anything, but you never needed it. Ivan was always calm around you; he never raised a hand to you, never tried to purposefully freak you out with weird stories about how they tortured people in Russia he actually tried his best not to freak you out, but slipped up every once in a while, and never drew you in pictures of him carrying around a rusty faucet pipe. You just sighed and he knew that was a sign that you weren't happy with him at all. He quickly ripped up the picture got up and put it into the trash can.


You sighed again.

  "And what is that in English?" you where supposed to be teaching him English after all


  "And how do we spell that?"


The Russian was stumped after that, he always wanted to end things that ended with Y normally with an I and vice versa.

  "Y" you said

  "Da- Yeah, Y"

  "Good. Now I want you to speak to me in English this whole time okay."


You sat down and patted the chair next to you telling him to come sit down with you as you opened up the English book and started to write out what todays lesson was. He had gotten pretty far and had requested a few pages to learn from the text book himself. You where surprised when you opened up the book to the pages he requested and saw that it was the Romantic part of the book.

  "Are you sure you want to learn this?"

You flipped the book closed to see who the author of the book was, some guy named Francis Bonnefoy, and though to yourself 'Great some French guy is writing English text books what is this world coming to?' Ivan was seated next to you at this point nodding.

  "yes, please" and smiled.

You blushed a little, he was always so cute when he smiled, so you opened the book back up and pointed to the first word on the page, which just so happened to be the word Love. It was good and bad that it was, Ivan was having problems with L's because in Russian they where a weird backwards N not to mention R's in the Russian Language looked like upside down L's, so he never knew exactly what to pronounce it as.


He was going with the R's today.

  "good try, but it's an L so it's pronounced luh, for this word so it's Luhv."

Ivan Smiled at you and nodded, causing you to blush again.

  "So if I say, I Luhv You. It is same as YA iyublyn tebya?"

You looked at him confused a little.

  "Um… if Ya Iyublane-" you blush and decide it would be best not to butcher your crushes language "what you just said means something like showing affection then yes."

He looked back at you confused this time.

  "Oh um… Affection like uh… Hugging" gave yourself a hug " and uh… kissing, and other things"

You where now as red as a fire engine and looking down at the book thinking to yourself  'stupid French people having to write English books about how to speak English and adding embarrassing things like this what the heck is he thinking of me right now, I must look so weird to him.'

Ivan didn't think you looked weird at all, he thought it was cute how flustered you where getting. He already knew this Chapter anyway he was just going over it with you so he could set up the perfect scene as Alfred put it when Alfred was teaching him the chapter last week. Next thing you knew you were being pulled into the Russians arms and close to his chest. Your eyes widened as you looked up at him.

"I-Ivan what are you doing?"

He smiled down at you sweetly and then kissed you on the forehead.

  "I Love you."

Your eyes where the size of dinner plates

  "Wait, what, did you just say?"

  "I love you."

His violet eyes were locked onto your _________ eyes and weren't letting them go.

  "Um… Ivan you know what you're saying right?"

Ivan nodded

  "I am saying you are my sunflower and I love you."

You didn't know if you could become a brighter red then a fire engine but you managed to. His sunflower, you knew Ivan loved sunflowers more than anything and he was saying you where his sunflower.

  "I-Ivan I uh…"

Ivan was frowning now. He was thinking the worse and you could see it in his eyes and by the way his arms were starting to slack around you, so you quickly hugged him back and buried your face into his chest as you whispered.

  "I love you too"

He smiled and hugged you closer to him once again.
I was in my Art history class and we where looking at Futurism in Russian art in class today, and I saw the Russian letter R on a poster that the teacher was showing us. So yes this story is brought to you by the Russian letter R =D it looks like an upside down L and there are Letters in Russian that are backwards and weird looking to us American English writers so why not. it makes a cute story, not to mention if Ivan came over here to America from Russia I would think he would have to take English as a second language classes (ESOL)

:iconivanbraginskiplz: :iconsaysplz: I though you said you would never right about me?

well yeah... you aren't exactly my favorite character.

:iconivanbraginskiplz: :iconsaysplz: and yet here you are writing about me? *glare*

*curls up into a ball* Please don't hit me with that pipe of yours I like sunflowers too.

:iconivanbraginskiplz: *evil laugh*

as always I don't own Hetalia or any of its characters those rites belong to Hidekaz Himaruya and funimation
and you belong to you, your parents, and anyone else you have sold yourself off too =D

Enjoy the read.
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HetaliaLover10113 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Why must this story be...*pant of epic tiredness*...fluffeh? It is*pant of awesome tiredness* making be fat cuz it's that cute...
MoHarri Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student General Artist
oh well thank you very much ^-^
monkeylvr13 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
so cute!!! the title reminds me of a saying that i have no idea where i heard it: "love spelled backwards is love" i think it was in a movie. but either way, i love it!! russia is such a cutie!
MoHarri Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Student General Artist
I saw it on a tv ad for jewelry lol, But thank you so much. 
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Russia (Says Hi) [V2] 
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Izumi055 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Student Writer
I'm learning Russian, but i also have to learn Spanish at school.
When I was taking a Spanish test, there was this one answer I didn't know in Spanish, but i knew it in Russian.
I almost ended up writing the answer in Russian, but stopped myself just in time.
I have this bad habit of switching languages when I don't know how to say something in one, but I do in the other.
MoHarri Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Student General Artist
it's okay I took Japanese and Spanish in high school and no I have sentences that when I speak are in Japanese , spanish, and english and there are times I can't remember how to spell things in spanish so I know how to spell the same word in japanese or english or any other combination. lol it makes things fun
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